Stretch Money the Rapper & the Thinker

Stretch Money’s a rap star. For over a decade his music has been played at Family Reunions, Roller Rinks, and even every strip club throughout Detroit. Eastside’s own son has embraced working with all rappers throughout Detroit regardless of style, age, and background. His voice and pattern in speaking arms him naturally to stand out in conversation and on the song he does as well. Charting the Billboard 100 throughout the 2000’s & 2010’s his time in jail changed his ethics in work and decision making. We explore creativity, free-styling, and leadership. Currently, Stretch Money is working with Fearless Rebels teaming with Crane Novacane producing music, clothing, and content. Opportunities and platforms for a team of young hungry Detroiters is his vision and through creativity, he’s doing it. We both go in depth about the lyricism of Tupac Shakur and examine the talent and skill displayed by Tupac on his song ‘(Shed) So Many Tears,’ (featured on Tupac Shakur’s […]