Searching for Clair Huxtable

Hosted ByMaceo & WAE

Join the friendship of Maceo and WAE as they discuss their journey as Black Men dating Black Women today. The center is finding their 'Clair Huxtable.'

Doesn’t the title say it all? Is there anyone over the age of 25 that doesn’t immediately know who we’re talking about? If you’re from the Huxtable generation then you know the influence Clair Huxtable had on your adolescent years. In the 80’s there weren’t any black sitcom moms other than “Mary Jenkins” on “227”. I mean, you had to go back to the 70’s with “Florida Evans” from “Good Times” and “Louise ‘Weezy’ Jefferson” from “The Jeffersons”. No disrespect, but they ain’t no Clair Huxtable. Not only was Clair Huxtable a practicing Lawyer balancing a career and family, but she could also sing, dance had a magnetic personality and she projected an eloquent sexuality that commanded respect.



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