Record Your Podcast

How to Record Your Podcast

1. Microphone Placement
2. Headphone Placement & Care (wrap cords and place back)
3. Headphone Amplifier Controls
– Tascam Mixing Board
4. Turning on Mixing Board
5. Making Song (Audio File) on the Mixing Board (Name and Date)
6. Turn up gain controls for used microphones (color coordinated)
7. Activate recording mode for used tracks
8. Turn up faders for used tracks
9. Turn up the universal track
10. Turn up monitor control knob (to hear in headphones and headphone amplifier)
11. Press record to start
12. Press stop to stop recording
13. Save File

* Scroll back and listen to the recording to ensure the recording was made.
* Recording engineer should listen to the podcast throughout to ensure that the guests are heard well. Often guests drift away from and do not talk directly into the microphone for best quality sound.
Call and or text Joe Black if you have recording questions at (313)603-7242