Detroit is Different After Dark

Figuring it Out with Dukes

Tune in as Mz. Dukes takes you on a fun journey as she tackles captivating topics from everyday life & just tries to FIGURE IT OUT in her own Quirky way. Guest will join her for weekly sessions that will be sure to inspire conversation and give you a laugh!

Josh Adams Podcast

Josh Adams the comedian shares his takes, stories, and thoughts on the life weekly. The Detroit is Different Network produces this each week with new guests and ideas from Josh Adams. Listen in for the jokes and entertainment stay for the real talk.

Retired Hoodrat Podcast

The Retired Hoodrat podcast is hosted by comedian T Barb. The show welcomes listeners who want to be entertained and educated at the same damn time. Featuring the hottest guests in comedy, music, acting, and writing. If you wake up listening to NPR and go to sleep watching Love & Hip-hop this show is for you. Segments like Word of the Day & Hoodrat Prayer keep you listening.

This is the heading

Join the friendship of Maceo and WAE as they discuss their journey as Black Men dating Black Women today. The center is finding their 'Clair Huxtable.'

Tiddies and Tacos

Tiddies and Tacos, a podcast where two Faygo-loving, taco-eating, lady-buds peruse life’s most essential and non-essential topics and toppings in alphabetical order. From Al Pastor to Zodiac Zombies, they’ve got the sauce you want! Join Sparkle, Tina Andromedon,

Unicorns are Real

Unicorns Are Real is art. We are two quirky like-minded, yet very different young adult females (Asia aka “Miss Dobbins”/ Erin aka Pineapple or The Quirky Natural) exploring ALL aspects of art. A Unicorn is an artist--a one of a kind individual--with the compassion to create for oneself.