Starting your Podcast

The appeal of podcasting is vast. Listeners enjoy an experience traditional radio has neglected for years. The niche, nuisance, and specific subject matter experts flourish in this world. What HBO was to network television, podcasting is to broadcasting. And the intimate connection experienced between podcasters and audiences has launched multi-million-dollar brands by the most trusted and established podcasters.

At the crossroads of the end of radio programming for stands the opportunity to become an international voice by podcasting.

  • To podcast successfully it will challenge you to develop a voice, vision, and explore vulnerability. Knowing your audience is essential. Knowing yourself is more important. Exploring the creative field of podcasting is a MUST!
  • Please explore the art form and find podcasts you enjoy yourself before beginning¬†your own. Podcasting is much like cooking and at Detroit is Different we don’t want to have chefs that don’t eat their own food.
  • Listen to a mix of the podcasts below in full and take notes on what you enjoy, and what you don’t enjoy. This will solidify your podcast to be a great show.

Popular Podcasts on our Networks

Popular Podcasts from other Networks

Questions to ask yourself before podcasting?