Detroit is Different

AskJennyfer Podcast

At Ask Jennyfer, Jennyfer Crawford has built more than her own small business – she’s built a community. And she’s done it by helping other small business owners succeed. Tune in to Ask Jennyfer: The Podcast to hear from small business experts, inspiring entrepreneurs and so much more.

Black Coffee

Black Coffee is a podcast hosted by Khary Frazier and Freda Sampson live at Pause weekly. Every Monday Freda and Khary will welcome guests to discuss the rich history of Black leadership, entrepreneurship, artistry, and social justice.

Cat's Meow

Open discussions about the LGBT community as well as women’s rights. Hosted by Sharron Fincher and DS Sense who advocate for the justice, voice, and equality of Women and LGBTQ community.

CommuniD Podcast

CommuniD opens the door to the lives of unconventional community builders. Those who have found unique ways to build their tribes and make positive impacts during a time when society is inundated with stress and distractions.

Decolonize Your Destiny

Decolonize your Destiny asks guests to share how they decolonize their lives. Decolonization is the process of becoming self-sovereign and this is where the power lies. It is the untangling of the colonizer’s limitations placed on our minds and bodies by unlocking and remembering the indigenous wisdom that lives within us all.

Detroit is Different

The Detroit is Different podcast is about exposing artistry, business, ideas, and dynamic people, places, and things that make Detroit a mecca. Tune in weekly and subscribe to get the true stories from the people shaping the culture of an American classic city.

My Natural Hair

My Natural Hair is a Podcast that shares all the information you‘re looking to learn about Natural Hair. The Movement, the Styles, Growing your Hair Naturally and meeting other people part of the Natural hair culture & movement. My Natural Hair is hosted by LaDonna Sims & MarkQuisha St Clair from Hair Goals 313.

The New Kids

The New Kids, Germaine and Shyriah, are a millennial duo aimed at providing resources and tools to inspire our peers. We, along with our millennial peers, share our journeys, challenge ideas, and push progress with the hopes to inspire.

Piper Carter Podcast

Piper Carter is an artist and advocate for the people. The mix of activism and hip-hop shine through with every listen to the Piper Carter Podcast.

She's a Genius

Welcome to She’s A Genius podcast, the place Ingenious Women share some of their brilliance to help awaken the GENIUS within women around the globe. Crafted and hosted by Candace Cox-Wimberley, this podcast inspires and empowers individuals while advocating for mental health, self-love, and gratitude.  We have transparent conversations with phenomenal women that work in the arts and entrepreneurial career fields.