Shakur Sisters on Detroit is Different

The Shakur Sisters are beautiful, full of life, and kindred spirits. I met both through my friendship with my late mentor and friend Chokwe Lumumba. Itari Shakur & Shushanna Shakur are Attorney Chokwe Lumumba’s younger sisters. Itari’s work in music, fashion, and social justice all provide the essence of an African-centered and culturally aware spirit. Shushanna Shakur has worked as a teacher, poet, attorney, and social justice warrior as well. Both were impacted and influenced by their brother Chokwe Lumumba, but even more so from their parents. In this interview, we explore their family’s relationship to Boxing Legend and Detroit treasure Joe Louis (Barrow). We also explore the impact of community and kinship with a neighborhood that is beyond proximity. This is a fun and colorful interview about the role we play for justice, community, and righteousness. Click here to check out the Shakur Sisters Detroit is Different Podcast.