Episode Notes

Southeast Texas, Mexico, and Southwest Detroit have interconnected ties that link all regions to families, culture, and food. Samuel Alvarado is a Mexican American with family roots in America dating back to his grandfather. His grandfather opened Mexican Fiesta restaurant in Dearborn in the 1960’s and since has sustained his Uncles, Father, and his family. The upbringing or education, culture, and love for Mexico have impacted Sam’s view of the world. Hard work, entrepreneurship, and family are the values Sam’s grown into truth overtime. We discuss Texas, Mexico, and how Mexican culture is loved and misunderstood in America. This was a fun discussion into what can expand opportunity, love, and vision of family growth. Please share, like, and send this to a friend in support of Detroit is Different. Also visit www.detroitisdifferent.com weekly to stay informed on the culture of the city.