Michelle Oberholtzer the Social Justice Advocate

Michele Oberholtzer is passionate and driven to apply her skills/ talents to advocate for people who don’t & won’t walk in the circles she does. Michele’s experience in engineering has refined her skills at analyzing problems technically & functionally. Closing 2017 Vice News on HBO ran a story (Vice has been doing a lot of Detroit coverage over the past 2 years) about how the Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Sale has transitioned many homeowners to renters. The systems in place where buyers purchase homes (in bulk often) and charge rent to people who owned their homes has become a reality. Michele has been advocating for residents to keep their homes by providing monies to help pay taxes, the $250 & 2% late fees, water bills, and more. We discuss Michele’s campaign for Michigan State Representative (District 4), Race in Detroit, Detroit’s Home Foreclosure Crisis, and more. This was an informational discussion.