Mayowa Reynolds & Vicki Hooks Green

Episode Notes

Mayowa Reynolds and Vicki Hooks Green are Master Teachers. Vicki Hooks Green is an English teacher that’s met, touched, and engaged hundreds of Cass Tech students for years. We discuss her maturation from Beauty Pageant contestant to Beauty Pageant developer. Miss Black Star was creation of Vicki’s passion that became a family institution. Mother, brother, sisters uncle, aunts, and everyone puts hands in for the success of Miss Black Star pageant. Which led to a transition to start at Marygrove College. There her sister Mayowa Reynolds joined her. Today Dr. Mayowa Reynolds is the principal of Detroit High School for the Fine & Performing Arts. Mayowa is many things but dance is her expressive art. Her passion pushed her as a student, Mother, Pastor, doctor, teacher, and now principal. This was a fruitful discussion about growth and students.

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