Kwame Kenyatta the Black Nationalist

Kwame Kenyatta’s journey connecting him to the discrimination of Black people in America began early as he was one of the original Black students in the state of Alabama to attend a formerly ‘White Only’ elementary school. There Kenyatta dealt with daily fist fights, rocks being tossed at him, and more. As he journey led him to Detroit he soon joined school walk-outs and rebellions throughout the 1970’s. Soon after Kenyatta was permanently expelled from all DPS schools for challenging the administration of Cooley HS for lacking African Centered education. His GED instruction was led by Mama Imani Humphrey (founder of Aisha Shule) and other teachers independently teaching students African Centered education (visit the Dan Aldridge & Njia Kai Detroit is Different interviews) and fundamental learning. Kenyatta later became a member of the Detroit Public School Board with the support of the Malcolm X Grassroots organizations and many others. In office Kenyatta led an initia […]