Episode Notes

What began as a platform to share my music and introduce people to my friends, mentors, and people of Detroit I think are cool is now a strong media platform. Today through video, social media, podcasting, and graphic design Detroit is Different has impacted the world. Dr’s have used Detroit is Different interviews as material supporting research, magazines in Italy have used Detroit is Different content in publication, but the coolest thing is people like you follow Detroit is Different.

Today I’m interviewed by my great friend Sterling Toles. We talk Detroit is Different and the vision of it all.

Khary Frazier is the founder of Detroit is Different. Passion for music and Detroit built the website. Today Frazier discusses the interviews, visions, and ideas for Detroit is Different. From the 2014 start with Malik Yakini (of Mollywop & D Town Farms) till the shot and unposted interviews with dozens of Detroiters adding to the culture of the Motor City. Khary talks podcasting, video, and creating content. As a website has become a podcast network and soon to be a web series production house Frazier balances it all while leading Creative Differences Marketing INC as well. Frazier also shares the ideas of how the Detroit is Different incubator is a place that includes the family institution with Walsh College planning.

Detroit is Different is a podcast hosted by Khary Frazier covering people adding to the culuture of an American Classic city. Visit www.detroitisdifferent.com to hear, see, and experience more of what makes Detroit different.

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